Podcast Appearances


B2B Growth: EXPERIMENTS EPIsode #2 (04/24/19)

In this episode of the #Experiments series, David Kelly speaks with J.T. about:

1) How he identified his passion — and iterated until he found a winning business idea
2) The #1 marketing strategy he used to get more clients (and his biggest marketing channel failure)
3) Strategies and advice for dealing with Imposter Syndrome


LEveraging Thought Leadership: EPIsode 148 (08/29/19)

Taking your content from a book or video to a speech can be more difficult than it sounds. Finding the right flow and information to include can get overwhelming.

Our guest J.T. Compeau is the Founder of The Content Interpreter and a consultant who helps Thought Leaders get their public speaking to a higher level.

J.T. lays out his frame work when working with a client, shares what should be in a great speech, what to avoid, and some of his philosophies around speechwriting.


Description coming soon!