What do you do?

I work closely with you to maximize your message, creating a narrative that incorporates all of your knowledge and expertise. Our work together is more than writing - it’s about finding insights and patterns in your experience.

I’m primarily a speechwriter and also consult with clients on how to deliver their speeches. In addition to that work, I also consult on thought leadership and marketing collateral development.

How would we work together?

No two clients are alike, and therefore, each client’s journey from the page to the stage is going to be different. However, there are some commonalities in the way I approach our work.

I commit to becoming an expert in your story and your message, which often involves in-depth conversations, reading your published work, and anything else that you want me to incorporate. All of this finds its way into the final product.

For more on the speechwriting process, please download this free infographic.

Does past experience impact how you work with me?

I have worked with clients who are established thought leaders and experienced speakers, and I’ve also consulted with first-timers. Think of me as your coach - even the best athletes need one, and I want our work to be as collaborative as possible. Regardless of your skill level, I commit to making every client’s story authentic and accessible to the audience.